Enhanced Conversion for mobile VR viewing

Do you have content?

Producing content is an investment and we developed a process to help you get more runway from what you've already created!

Our conversion process allows us to re-purpose any content you've previously shot by converting that content from a 2D video to enhanced 3D for mobile VR viewing.

You may have a YouTube channel featuring 30 second to 2 minute videos. Now imagine being able to have those same videos re-purposed to be viewed on Mobile VR headsets. At VFT we can make that a reality!

A few other uses of Conversion

Any video production you may have planned or that is currently being done can also be converted for Mobile VR.

Another option is to actually shoot your Sales Manager using your videographer on site (or hiring one) doing a mock Fam trip and explaining the details of your property as they would a Travel Agent or client.  We could take that video footage and run it through our conversion system.

You may also be making updates to your product, simply film the updates and send it to us for conversion.

How it works

  1. If you have existing content, it's very simple. We'll provide you with instructions on how to upload the content. 
  2. If you want to shoot new content, we will work with you on what we will need and provide you instructions for the shoot
  3. Once uploaded, we will run the content through our conversion system which is managed by experienced Hollywood post-production professionals. 
  4. Through the conversion process the video is modified and formatted for mobile VR viewing
  5. The best part is your original content stays in tact, nothing happens to it, we simply provide you with a version of that content that's been modified for Mobile VR headsets
  6. You can utilize youtube, vimeo or your own website to host the content for exhibition
  7. Through customizable brand-able Mobile VR headsets you can print the video link, call to action, coupon or what ever you want right on the mobile viewer which you can mail out to a travel professional or potential guests/clients

Want to learn more? Send us a note at info@vftmedia.com