If I'm not a hotel, resort or property owner can I still inquire about your service?

Of course.  We'll certainly have a conversation with you to see if we are able to meet your needs.

What happens to my original video?

Nothing. Your original video stays the same, we simply provide you with an alternative version that's formatted for Mobile VR viewing

Will the conversion transform my content into a 3D video

Yes and no.  Remember the original video was shot in a 2D format.  We are providing an enhanced 3D conversion process formatted for mobile VR viewing.  You will see depth, but it's not guaranteed.  Although you may not see depth in certain areas of the video, it will be formatted for viewing on mobile VR headsets that utilize smart phones.

How much is the conversion going to cost?

The cost truly depends on how many minutes of video you want to covert.  We charge per minute of converted footage.  We do have the ability to work with almost all budgets. We will provide you with a quote after we discuss your needs.  We are also willing to provide you a free 15 to 20 second test of your existing footage that we'll run through our converter so that you can decide whether or not you want to move forward.

How much does 3D production cost

It really depends on your needs and what you want done.  It can be less or about the same as a VR shoot.  

Are viewers included in my package

We use a 3rd party for viewers, we recommend Dodo case.  We would refer you to them.  For an additional cost, we would act as a consultant and handle the branding and ordering for you. We can provide you a ballpark cost of any amount of viewers you want to order

Interested in helping us spread the word?

If you'd like to help us sell our conversion technology, send us an e-mail, we'd love to talk to you.