Production Service

Shooting in 3D

Maybe you want fresh new content or don't have existing content or access to a videographer, that's ok, we still have you covered!

We have Hollywood production professionals with extensive 3D video experience!  

Creating a real Virtual Fam Trip

Our 3D production is not 360 VR. It's an actual 3D shoot. We will offer a 360 VR solution in the future, but we believe that 3D production is a better solution for the hospitality and real estate industry.  With 3D video, you can control the narrative and the direction of your client.

It's your property and we want to help you tell a story about what makes your room unique, the restaurant options you provide, a walk through the spa and other features that make your product stand out. 360 Degree VR is great and it will evolve, but it doesn't help tell your story and what you offer and that's what we want to help you do!

How it works?

  1. We will provide initial consultation to help you plan your shoot and figure out your needs
  2. We'll then provide you a quote of our production services based off of your needs
  3. We schedule a date and time to fly to your location and film the areas we discussed in 3D
  4. We will have a director and videographer and possibly a light crew (depending on how extensive you want the shoot to be)
  5. We edit the footage for you and provide individual video clips of what we shot
  6. We deliver them to you for exhibition via web download or mail
  7. Once you have the clips, you can upload them to youtube, vimeo, another video website or on your own website
  8. Using a customizable brand-able Mobile VR viewer, you can print the video links, call to action, coupon, etc. that you can send out to travel professionals or potential guests/clients

For more information or to schedule a time to talk, email us