3D Production Sample for VR use

This is an example of a minimalistic approach to shooting in 3D. We had a videographer and director with minimal lighting and no lav mics. We wanted to re-create an environment of what a videographer might have to work with. This same demo could be shot in a 2D environment and re-purposed to 3D for VR use.

Re-formatted standard footage for VR use

This is an example of footage taken from a residential property that was shot on a regular camcorder (including drone footage) and we re-formatted the footage for VR use 

Converted iPhone footage

I had to include some iPhone footage!  The footage was taken while I was at a resort in Dominican Republic.  Simple narration as I walk you around my room.  The resolution would've been 100x better if show on an HD camcorder. You can see the difference looking at the above real estate sample.

Sample beach clip 1

Outdoor iPhone beach footage converted from standard video and re-formatted for VR use.